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Dating After Divorce

Written by: Jillian Hester

Tips on Dating after a Divorce
So, you're ready to get back in the game? Well, dating after divorce can be frustrating. You've gone so long without having to deal with dating, that it can seem like an entirely new game. There are some great tips to dating after you have gone through a divorce and decided that you are ready to date again. While there is no dating manual, although we all wish there was at some point or another, there are some common mistakes that you can avoid. Here are some tips that might help you.

Take Your Time
No one finds the perfect person for them right away. If they do, they are very lucky. You might meet and date tons of people, and not feel anything special with any of them at first. That is completely normal. Especially as we get older, we might feel the need to rush things when we're dating after divorce. There is no need to do this. Rushing things might place you back in the same situation you're in now! Be friends, hang out and go to the movies, or check out a game together. Things will proceed naturally and you will feel it when it's time to move to the next level. Take your time and get to know the people you are dating.

Have Fun With It
If you spend your time having fun rather than looking for someone to date, chances are you will find someone a lot sooner. Simply having a good time is essential to dating after divorce. First of all, people are attracted to happy people. Don't sweat finding someone to date. Rather, just spend time with your friends doing the things you like to do, and someone great will come to you. The other thing about doing this is that you will probably not even notice when the person of your dreams has arrived. That can be great sometimes, because if you're constantly looking, it will feel like it's taking forever. You can really get discouraged when you're trying to find someone very nice, and things just aren't working out! So, have fun with it.

Don't 'Type' Yourself
A lot of times when a man or woman is dating after divorce, they will subconsciously look for someone that is the same type as their ex. Don't do this. If you notice that you're looking at people who fit that category, branch out. Talk to new people and different types of people. You just never know what you can find out about yourself when you don't limit yourself. There is always the chance that the last person you thought about would be the best person for you. The key is to simply talk and hang out with people that give you a good feeling, or make you happy. It doesn't matter what 'type' they are. Shy and sexy bookworm or glitzy and glamorous party star, what matters is what's inside and what you have in common.


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