is it a sin for christians to divorce

Christian Divorce - What is Accepted?

Written by: Jillian Hester

Adultery is an Accepted Reason for Christians to Divorce
It can be very difficult to go through a divorce as a Christian. You probably feel as though you are a failure, and that you have fallen short of important expectations. The truth is that things happen, no matter what faith or beliefs you have. However, there are only a few reasons that Christians normally divorce. The most widely accepted reason is adultery. While most common trials and tribulations that end a marriage are not accepted when it comes to Christian divorce, adultery is accepted.

What is Said About Divorce?
Christian divorce is frowned upon by high members in the churches, and by peers as well. It is said that when a man marries a woman, the two of them are no longer individuals, but they are one. Marriage is obviously held in very high regard by Christians, and a divorce is still looked upon as going against God's word. This can be an extremely difficult thing to deal with on top of the issues and emotions you are feeling with the divorce itself.

However, typically a divorce that is caused due to adultery is not frowned upon, and is pretty much accepted in Christian communities. The reason is that cheating on your wife or husband is one of the worst sins to commit against God and your spouse. Therefore, it is fully understandable to divorce the person who does this to you. Most of the time, it is more respectable to try and forgive your spouse for their adultery than to simply go straight to divorce. However, if you can not forgive them, or if it has been a repeated thing for them to cheat on you, divorcing them is the only thing left for you to do.

Seeking Support
Being that Christian divorce is so difficult in more than one way, support is something that you can really use when you are going through it. There are many different attorneys who specifically focus on Christian divorces. Using one of them may help you deal with what is happening. Also, getting support from members of your church is another good idea. Sometimes you may want to talk about what happened, and a listening ear may be just what you need to help you feel better and less guilty. Talking to other Christians who have undergone a divorce may also help you to deal with your situation.

Other Advice
If you really want to try and forgive your spouse, there are a couple of things you can do. To avoid Christian divorce, you may want to seek counseling with your spouse. Your pastor may be able to help you find a good counselor to work with who is Christian. You will also need to determine whether you think your spouse will be willing to work on the marriage as well. It will not work if both parties are not willing to try and do their best to make it happen. Once you have determined this, you can move on to what you think is your next best step. Good luck.


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